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The Ormond Angling Club was established in 1936 and has served the community for over 75 years. Throughout this period, the club has promoted recreational angling to the broader community, as an enjoyable pastime and sport.

Ormond Angling Club extends a hand of friendship to all people and actively encourage the membership of females and of juniors.

OAC Members own their own clubrooms located at 462-464 North Road Ormond Vic 3204 and the associated property. Because of this we are able to maintain our fees at a comparatively low level for all of our available memberships.

Since the clubs formation, friendly and competitive associations have been made with other angling clubs and angling governing bodies. The skill shown by our anglers has enabled the club to gain an excellent reputation amongst our peers.

OAC is a member club of the Metropolitan Angler's Association (MAA) and the Victorian Piscatorial Council (VPC).

OAC Adheres to "The National Code of Practice for Recreational and Sports Fishing".


OAC fish their competitions in four different categories. They go as follows:

B -- Bay
E -- Estuary
F -- Freshwater
S -- Surf

OAC fish four of each of these categories in any fishing season (August - July). These trips comprise of 1, 2 & 3 day trips, both against other clubs and between our members.

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